Susan Kohn

"A Friend of mine recommended Jon to me about 2 years ago. At that time I made an appointment but never went.

 Every month I'd get an email from Jon reminding me to make an appointment and go to Stark. In the meantime, I was bouncing from one physical therapy office to the next.  I wasn't getting the help I needed and I was  not able to completely enjoy my life.

Then a few months ago, I decided to give Jon a try.

 When I met Jon I was not very happy. I was ready to give up my passion, horseback riding. I had lost hope that I would ever again be able to enjoy the things I love to do. 

Natalie Pack


MISS CA U.S.A. – 2012



Amar Santana
Tricia Esser


Will West



Brendan Steele

PGA Tour Pro

Mr. Bert Selva

CEO Shea Homes

One of the largest homebuilders in the nation

Dr. Daniel Amen

CEO Amen Clinics

Bestselling author, Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and the CEO and medical director of Amen Clinics, Inc. (ACI) in Newport Beach CA.

Mr.Tom Ferry


New York Times best-selling author of Life! By Design

Tricia Esser

CEO at KTGY Group, Inc

As a full-service architectural and planning firm established in 1991, KTGY has delivered a depth and breadth of successful design solutions for: Planning and Urban Design, Residential, Mixed-Use, & Retail.

Tony DiCostanzo

President at Bookpal

We provide affordable bulk books to schools, literacy programs, corporations, nonprofits and government institutions while ensuring exceptional customer service. Browse our extensive collection, and be sure to check out our BookPal Bookshelf.

Jennifer Hannigan

CEO – Alliance Resource Group

Alliance Resource Group is an executive recruitment and interim staffing firm, widely known as an authority in finance, accounting, tax and internal audit staffing.

Jeff Manson


WPS is a leading independent publisher of educational and psychological assessments and related intervention resources.

Bob Sung

Chairman at Allis Communications Co., LTD.

Establishment in 1995, Allis Communications Company core business is in the design and development of Global Positioning System antennas.

Jack Taylor

Chairman of the board

Horizon Sales Corporation is the leading sales and marketing organization in the West, strictly focusing on perishables through the continued enhancement of our Principals’ business in Service Deli, Wall Deli, Dairy, Service Bakery, Meat and Seafood Departments for the Supermarket, Independent and Club Store Trade.

Bob Doricott

President & CEO, WessDel, Inc.

WessDel is a worldwide provider of high precision manufacturing and engineering services.

Gregg Miller

President & Founder, Miller Environmental

Hazardous Material Remediation & Demolition.

Mona Rosenberg, DVM

Owner/CEO/Chief of Staff, Veterinary Cancer Group

We strive to take the fear out of the diagnosis of cancer, by providing our patients’ families with an empathetic, compassionate and nurturing environment filled with the prospect of providing a better quality of life for their pets.

Tana Amen, BSN, RN

New York Times Bestselling Author, The Omni Diet

Sharran Srivatsaa

President & C.O.O. at Teles Properties

Teles Properties is the fastest growing, luxury residential real estate firm in Southern California. Headquartered in Beverly Hills with other locations primarily serving the high-end markets of Southern California, Teles brings together the most successful agents in each of its locations and provides them with an unparalleled platform to address every aspect of a real estate transaction.

Amar Santana

Chef, Broadway by Amar Santana

Inspired by the theaters in New York City, Chef Amar Santana an award wining chef along with his partners, Ahmed Labbate and Rich Cadarette create an atmosphere where the food becomes the main show.

Ahmed Labbate

Partner, Broadway by Amar Santana

Inspired by the theaters in New York City, Chef Amar Santana an award wining chef along with his partners, Ahmed Labbate and Rich Cadarette create an atmosphere where the food becomes the main show.

Olivia Duane Adams

Chief Customer Officer & Co-founder Alteryx, Inc.

The leader in data blending and advanced analytics

Ron Cummings

CEO, AminoGenesis

The Science of Beautiful Skin

Chris Gautreau

CEO & President, AGI General Contracting

A full-service general contractor specializing in commercial construction for some of the area’s leading businesses, from institutional settings like Home Savings of America to structurally-complex rides at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Chris Simonoff

President at Marathon Distribution Services

If finding him sexy is wrong, go on then, let yourself be wrong.

Jay Bajaj

Executive Producer/Managing Director, Wonderspun Productions

Ken Clark

CEO, Detoronics Corp.

Detoronics® offers a full range of Glass-To-Metal Hermetically Sealed products with proven reliability in both military and commercial applications.

Mr. William West

Founder ACRE

The global leader in the access control hardware technology that drives corporate physical security systems.

Alex Dastmalchi

CEO, Dastmalchi, LLC

At dastmalchi, we strive to provide practical, high-quality solutions that improve the health, beauty and overall wellness of our customers every day and through every stage in life.

Alessandro Pirozzi

Chef & Owner, Pirozzi Culinary Collection

Winifred Monaco, D.C.

Dr. Monaco specializes in Active Release Techniques (ART) for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Mr. Bert Selva

CEO Shea Homes

One of the largest homebuilders in the nation.

Michael Smith

Co-Founding Partner Centurion Partners

highlights include executive positions with the Staubach Company, Ritz-Carlton, and Le Meridien Hotels, forming a partnership to become the largest single tenant lender in the United States.

Wayne Tesch

CEO Royal Family Kids Camp

Today, using a franchising model, the non-profit organization of Royal Family Kids’ Camps has grown nationwide to a network of camps sponsored by churches in 26 denominations and spans 36 states and 5 foreign countries.

John Stanek

Principal Integral Communities

For nearly two decades, John Stanek has been a recognized leader in Southern California real estate development.

Evan Knapp

Principal Integral Communities

Evan Knapp has been recognized as one of the leaders in the homebuilding and development industries in California and throughout the West.

John Ahlers

Anaheim Ducks

John Ahlers is in his sixth year as the Ducks play-by-play voice on FSN PrimeTicket and KDOC.

Eric Hansen

CEO Vikingcraft Spine

Vikingcraft Spine, Inc. is a distributor of innovative surgical products for orthopedic and neurosurgery, Serving over 100 hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Doug Coulter

Founder and CEO

California Ultimate Turf, A subsidiary of Asphalt Fabric and Engineering Inc.

Amar Dhillon

President & CEO Platinum Associates

Chris Gialanella


Riviera and Riviera Interiors Modern Luxury Magazines The largest publisher of city-regional magazines in America.

Don Bartolo

President & CEO DB&M Media, Inc.

Advertising, marketing & design.

Chris Staab

Director of Media MMA Worldwide, Inc.

MMA Worldwide and Tapout Magazine.

Art Lombardi

C.O.O. – Northern California Division (Retired)

Shapell Homes

Doug Keedy

CFO Hayes Martin Associates, Inc.

Marketing and Communications Agency

Mike Jones, D.D.S.

Owner Mike Jones Dental Corporation

Mike Burns

Vice President of Sales and Market Development Freedom Communications

A diversified media company of newspapers, including the Orange County Register.

Stephen Magliocco

Skyy Spirits – Division Manager

R. Julio Gudino III

Allstate Insurance Company – Exclusive Agent/Personal Financial Representative

Lelani Kroeker

Vice President Marketing – Orange County Register

Shelley Geiler

Partner – Polo Properties, LLC

Beth Adkisson

Chairperson – Vistage

Conrad Metz

Realtor – Metz Properties: Prudential California Realty, Newport Beach

Dianne Ippolitano

Vice President, Human Resources – Orange County Register Communications

Jen Panaia

Senior Channel Manager, Southern CA – SKYY Spirits, LLC

Leo Boese

Retired – Auto Industry

Colin Jairam, MD

CEO/CMO Hybrid MD – Orange County’s most innovative medical practice

David Money

Offensive Coordinator – Mater Dei Football

Charles Antis

CEO – Antis Roofing and Waterproofing

Natalie Pack

Miss California U.S.A. 2012


"When I first started seeing Dr. Jon Gundlach the pain in my back was at an 8 or a 9. I had headaches every waking hour and often woke up at night because the pain was so bad.

The first visit was so refreshing. It was such a comfortable environment. He wasn’t like other chiropractors who take forever with a treatment program.  Rather than 20+ visits for me to start feeling better, Dr. Jon estimated only 5-6 before I started feeling better.

It didn’t even take that long. I started feeling better after the first visit. And after two visits the pain in my lower back was gone. The headaches were also gone after two visits.

I’ve seen him 5 times now and am feeling great. I’ve even started taking some supplements he recommended from the sevenpoint2 company and I’ve lost weight, have more energy, and my joints don’t feel as stiff or painful.

Not only is he a chiropractor but he helps with my diet and tips for working out.

I couldn’t be happier or more thankful for what he’s done in helping my pain.

If you are in pain then you should see Jon Gundlach. He will help you feel better quickly. You’ll be happy you did. I know I am :)

Tony DiCostanzo




Bianca Vierra


Gregg Miller


Bruce Rollinson – Head Coach, Mater Dei

“As the head Coach at Mater Dei High School, I felt I needed to be a great example for my kids. At 63 year old, overweight and facing the danger of heart disease I knew I had a huge challenge ahead of me if I wanted to change my life. It was STARK  and their expert team that gave me the motivation, discipline and tools to conquer my fears, change my life and become the example I needed to be as a Coach. I believe that STARK  has discovered an ideal approach that leads to sustainable results through lifestyle changes.”

Bruce Rollinson



Aaron Hicks


Anne Manassero






Natasha Martinez


MISS CA U.S.A. – 2015

Ron Cummings





Charles Antis





Atlanta Falcons


CFO Hayes Martin Associates, Inc.



“Most golfers don’t take this path – to turn to a personal trainer to improve their swing. I worked with my swing coach and we identified certain shortcomings of my body, which could improve to help me do the things I need to do with my swing and repeat them. Brad Davidson has worked on strengthening my legs, my form and increasing my weights, reps & sets each time we train. He is continuously pushing to be better, which has allowed me to be a step ahead, mentally and physically, of everyone I am playing against. The results from training with Stark came very quickly.” 

“Because of the training program, combined with the nutrition plan, I have so much more energy on the course. I used to play early in the morning and by 2PM I would run out of steam. I was lethargic and would hit a lull – I would spike and then crash. Now, with the combination of the two (training and nutrition) I am playing through the whole day and still have the energy to come in (to Stark) at 4PM and give it my all for a workout.”

“As a member of PGA Tour I want longevity, strength and repeatability in my game. Stark Training identified areas of my body to stretch, strengthen and condition and created a customized and targeted training & nutrition program to help me achieve all of my goals. In 5 weeks, I have already noticed results and improved my swing and overall game.”

Blake Bortles


Robyn Gundlach – 2015 Stark Naked Challenge Winner

“Stark has given me confidence and helped me become someone I have always wanted to be.  I am a competitive person and love working toward goals and being able to conquer fears and obstacles in my way.  In August 2015, I signed up for the Stark Naked Charity competition.  I worked with a personal trainer who pushed me to my limits, showed me how to properly do each exercise, and encouraged me.  I felt comfortable and safe in the gym atmosphere unlike commercial gyms.  Occasionally my knee bothers me due to an injury from years ago.  The A.R.T. doctors were able to fix my knee issues which allowed me to continue to train without pain or the fear of furthering my injury.  My progress was not slowed down because of my injury.  Along with the personal trainers and A.R.T. specialists, I received a meal plan for each day and supplement recommendations.  I believe that joining all of these different aspects together (Personal Training, A.R.T. Doctors, Set Meal Plan, Supplements) has made the most change for my body.  I am amazed at the progress that i made!!! Thank you Stark!!! 

Miss Teen CA U.S.A – 2016

Athena Crosby

Miss CA U.S.A – 2016

Nadia Mejia

 After about 6 visits with Jon, I started to notice a significant  improvement in how I was feeling. My mobility issues and stiffness seemed  to go completely away. My horseback riding improved tremendously. I I now have  a smile on my face and I feel great! (most of the time).

 When I don't feel so great, I make an appointment and go in to see Jon.  I can't thank Jon enough. He has a caring style that is rare to find anywhere.

 I'm  currently living part time in Las Vegas, Nevada. I've tried a few places town but  haven't found anyone as good as Jon. A few weeks ago, when I wasn't feeling so good I literally drove into Newport Beach from Las Vegas just to get an adjustment from Jon. It was well worth the trip. Thanks again Jon for keeping me healthy, happy and strong. Most of all for giving me my life back.

Jenna Keith-Birney

"I have been seeing Dr. Jon off and on for several years.  Whenever I aggravate anything from running, I pop into his office and he clears it up.  He has helped me with Sciatica, ITBand pain, Plantar fasciitis, and Neck pain.  Not only does he help with my immediate pain but he also has given me specific stretches and exercises to help keep the pain from coming back.  I love running and this August I qualified for the Boston Marathon!  Thanks Dr. Jon, I couldn’t have accomplished this goal with out you.

Jill Blurton-Jones

"I started going to Dr Jon Gundlach with serious back trouble. I was in a lot of pain, and was debating on whether to have back surgery so that I could get back to playing golf and my other favorite activity, looking after our grandchildren on the days I wasn't playing golf. 

My pain was so bad, and my back was affecting not only my golf game.....I couldn't pick up my grandchildren or do the simplest of tasks, like emptying the dishwasher or taking clothes out of the drier.

The physical therapy, the epidurals and other medication were making me very depressed, and most of all the thought of back surgery was only my very last resort! 

Dr Jon healed my back pain very fast!  He taught me what exercises to do and all at once I could pick up my grandkids, sit on the floor and do puzzles, and best of all play golf three or four days a week!

My handicap has gone from a 19 to a 12 with Dr. Jon's treatment. 

I still see him once or twice a month, especially if I have the occasional back pain, or if I overdo things looking after some of my nine grandchildren.

In March after skiing for five days in Mammoth (the car journey was over 6 hours), I looked after five of our grandchildren whilst their parents were gone for a week!

Nowadays most of the time I am pain free without medication, and I am so delighted that I can even paddle board, play tennis, swim and walk the golf course......  I can do everything I used to do!

I am turning 70 next month, I feel that Dr Jon has given me back my vitality for life, and this Granny will be playing golf 5 days in a row this week and I have to maintain my 12 handicap!