IV Nutrition For Athletes

High levels of physical activity lead to higher nutrient requirements due to increases in metabolic activity, losses of nutrients in sweat and increased excretion of nutrients in urine due to exercise-induced tissue breakdown.  Failure to replenish these nutrients may lead to delayed recovery time, blunted gains in strength and performance and decreases in the body's ability to perform other important functions such as fighting off infections and maintaining bone mineral density.

IV nutrient therapy is a great way to replenish these nutrients as it bypasses the digestive system, eliminating energy required to digest the nutrients, allows for immediate access and promotes maximal tissue saturation of nutrients.

The IVs used at Stark are packed full of beneficial nutrients for athletes, including but not limited to Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, zinc and Carnitine.

Vitamin C has been shown to decrease muscle soreness, improve performance in athletes and reduce symptoms of infection.  Vitamin C helps decrease muscle soreness likely due to its ability to decrease cortisol, a hormone that is secreted under stress and breaks down muscle.  Vitamin C, being an antioxidant, can also decrease free radicals created during exercise, blunting potential damage on muscle tissue.  

Intense physical exercise has also been shown to potentially increase one's frequency of cold and flu symptoms, likely because physical activity can temporarily decrease immune function.  Some studies have shown athletes who take vitamin C experience less cold and flu symptoms compared to athletes who do not take vitamin C.  

Supplementing with minerals like magnesium, which is used to synthesis ATP, the body's main storage form of energy, has been shown to improve muscle strength over a seven week period for individuals weight training.  Athletes competing in a triathalon took magnesium for four weeks prior to the event and their cycling, swimming and running times were lower compared to the placebo group.

Some studies have suggested zinc deficiencies can lead to abnormalities in muscle performance and supplementing zinc can increase muscle strength.  This is likely due to zinc's ability to decrease oxidative damage to cell membranes, it's role in creating and maintaining proper protein structure and it's function in proper testosterone metabolism.

Calcium helps maintain strong bones and due to the amount of sweating athletes do, it is important for them to maintain optimal calcium levels.  For example, college basketball athletes have been shown to lose about 250 mg of calcium per practice.  Without proper supplementation, that translates to roughly a 4% decrease in bone density during basketball season.  If calcium is regularly replenished, the decrease in bone mineral density is blunted.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, athletes who replenish amino acids such as l-carnitine, can experience a decrease in exercise-induced fatigue, decreased muscle pain and improved muscle power recovery compared to placebo groups. 

Regular IV nutrient therapy treatments are an excellent option for any athlete looking to enhance recovery time, gains in strength and performance and proper body functions.  IV delivery of the nutrients greatly increases bioavailability and concentrations otherwise not achievable through oral supplementations.  To learn more about the advantages of IV nutrition therapy over oral supplementation, visit the linked article below. 

Feeling Under the Weather?

IV Nutrition For Business Leaders

Business leaders and executives often live fast paced lives with overfilled schedules to ensure the business runs optimally.  The extra time and energy spent on the business is often at the expense of their health.  Stress, long hours and frequent travel can have negative effects on one's health, such as fatigue, recurrent cold and flu symptoms and a reduction in physical and mental strength. 

Unfortunately, health and productivity are tightly coupled as evidenced by Forbes magazine, which reported in 2012 that illness costs the US economy about $225 billion a year in lost productivity.  Strong-willed business leaders may think they can avoid contributing to productivity losses by still showing up sick.  IV nutrient therapy in conjuction with a healthy diet and adequate sleep, can be the missing link to help business leaders continue to move their business forward without compromising their health.  

IV nutrient therapy delivers vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly to the bloodstream, allowing for immediate availablity and maximal tissue nutrient saturation.  Additionally, IVs are great for those individuals who are too busy or forget to take their supplements.  Regular IV therapy helps consistently replenish the body with vitamins and nutrients necessary to keep you moving forward.

Two of the most important nutrients delivered in the IVs at Stark that benefit business leaders are vitamin C and glutathione.  

Due to the constant stream of stressors, business leaders are likely secreting high amounts of cortisol on a regular basis, a hormone released by the body when experiencing mental, emotional or physical stress.  In the short term, cortisol can help improve energy levels and decrease inflammation.  When chronically secreated however, cortisol can negatively effect blood sugar, cause weight gain, reduce immune function and impair learning and memory.

Vitamin C, a nutrient given in high doses in the IVs at Stark, can be helpful in decreasing cortisol.  One study by German researchers showed individuals who took vitamin C before a public speaking had significantly less cortisol levels after the speaking engagement compared to individuals who did not take vitamin C.  Additionally, animals have been found to increase their secretion of vitamin C by 2-7 fold when subjected to stressful situations.  Humans unfortunately, are not able to produce vitamin C and must get the vitamin exclusively from their diet.  IV vitamin C is a great way to ensure high amounts of vitamin C are getting into the bloodstream.

Vitamin C has also been shown to be antiviral, but only at doses that can be achieved with IVs.  Business leaders who travel often or find they get sick frequently, will get IVs prophylactically to prevent the onset of cold and flu symptoms.  Others will get an IV when they are starting to feel sick or trying to get over a lingering cold.  Individuals frequently notice a reduction in severity and duration of symptoms after getting an IV.

Another powerful nutrient delivered in the IVs at Stark is glutathione, an antioxidant your brain uses to repair itself.  Taken orally, glutathione is broken down by the digestive system before it reaches the cells.  IV gluthathione however has been shown to increase intracellular glutathione levels.  Some clients at Stark have reported better mental focus and drive while receiving regular glutathione injections.

IV nutrient therapy may be a good option for any business leader wanting to continue moving their company forward without having their health regress. 

The Top 3 Reasons for IV Therapy At STARK

  1. Prevent or combat the common cold or flu
  2. Athletic Performance Enhancement and Recovery
  3. Dehydration

What is IV Nutrient therapy?

IV nutrient therapy is the administration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients.  The nutrients are suspended in a sterile bag of fluid and slowly infused through the same veins used to draw blood.  Infusions last between 10-60 minutes depending on the type of IV.    

Advantages of IV nutrient therapy over oral administration:    bypassing the digestive system and directly delivering the nutrients into the blood stream allows the nutrients to be immediately circulated and delivered to cells and tissues that require these raw materials to function.  

Bypassing digestion not only allows for immediate access, high serum concentrations can be achieved which are not obtainable with oral administration.  For example, a normal dose of vitamin C (200-2500mg/d) yields a serum vitamin C concentration of 1.2-1.5 mg/dl.  Even extremely high oral doses of vitamin C only yield a serum concentration of 9.3 mg/dl.  Contrast that with a 50g IV dose of vitamin C which yields a serum concentration of 80 mg/dl.  

Higher serum concentrations achieve stronger physiological effects.  For example, vitamin C only has antiviral effects when serum concentrations reach 10-15 mg/dl which are not achievable with oral administration are 9.3 mg/dl.  

A similar pattern is seen for magnesium.  Oral administration of magnesium has little effect on serum concentrations of the mineral.  IV administration on the other hand can double or triple serum concentrations of magnesium.  

Magnesium can be helpful for relaxing skeletal and smooth muscle as well as improving the function cardiac muscle.  Therefore, increasing the serum concentration of magnesium with IV therapy can help relieve acute muscle cramps, migraines and high blood pressure. 

The last advantage of bypassing digestion is the reduction of gastrointestinal discomfort.  When taking vitamin C, magnesium or other nutrients orally in high doses, individuals may experience bloating, cramps or diarrhea.  These symptoms are not experienced when the nutrients are giving in high doses intravenously.    

Who normally gets IVs?

The top three reasons people get IVs at Stark are:

1. Prevent or combat the common cold or flu

One of our most common IVs offered at Stark contains high doses of vitamin C.  Vitamin C has an antiviral effect when administered intraveneously in high doses.  Some individuals who travel and/or work often, get Vitamin C IVs on a regular basis to prevent the common cold or flu.  Others come in when they are trying to get over a cold or when they start to "feel a tickle at the back of their throat."

Often, individuals are pleasantly surprised at how effective the IVs help with preventing the onset of a cold or reducing recovery time.  Some people start to feel better right after getting the IV.  Others notice a difference 24 hours later.  

2. Athletic Performance Enhancement and Recovery

Intense exercise and strength training can have profound beneficial effects on one's health, increased strength, flexibility, energy and improvements in neurological function to name a few.  These activities can also put a lot of stress on the body, causing muscle soreness and temporariliy decreasing the function of the immune system, which causes one to be more suseptible to colds and flu.

Some individuals get IV nutrient therapy weekly after their work outs to enhance recovery and prevent a relapse in the function of their immune system.     

3. Dehydration

Whether dehydration is from lack of water consumption, over exertion, the stomach flu or a weekend in Vegas, IV therapy is a great way to replenish fluids quickly and effectively.  Sypmtoms of dehydration include fatigue, heachache, thirst and lightheadedness to name a few.  Individuals who come in dehydrated often feel they have a spring in their step after receiving a rehydrating IV.

IV nutrient therapy may also be helpful for:

  • fatigue
  • hypertension
  • stress and anxiety
  • migraines
  • skin health
  • muscle spasms
  • increased sense of well being

How long has IV nutrient therapy been around?

John Myers, M.D. used IV nutrient therpay to treat many of his patients with a variety of conditions including fatigue, angina, asthma, common cold and pain to name a few.  Some patients received IVs one time a week, others one time a month and others got IVs as needed.  Some of his patients continued getting IVs for as long as 25 years.  

 In 1984, when Dr. Myers passed way, many of his patients started seeing Alan Gaby, M.D., asking him to administer the IVs.  Dr. Gaby did not know Dr. Myers but over time was able to recreate his IV formula, naming it the "Myer's Cocktail."  The Myer's Cocktail has become one of the most frequent nutrient IVs administered to this day.  Dr. Gaby went on to formulate many of his own IVs, targeting specific conditions such as chronic fatigue, migraines, surgical recovery protocols and many others.  He is often credited with popularizing IV nutrition therapy.

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