1) The Health Audit (The ”Discovery“ step)

We find out what your body needs, including the underlying reasons you don’t look and feel like you think you should, and develop a solution.

Using a collection of the most effective tests we’ve adapted to date, coupled with your medical history, the Stark Team identifies potential roadblocks, clarifies your goals, and with the help of our medical staff we create a plan to get you to where you want to be in as short a time-frame as possible.

Our best approach is our  “You. Optimized Health Audit.”  With this option, you get our fully integrated team of specialists; we get all of the information we need to help you get to your goals.

See “Intake Options” for more information on how to start!

Testing in the discovery phase may include, but is not limited to the following:  body composition, functional movement screening, postural assessment, orthopedic assessment, blood lipid panel, sex hormone panel, and food allergy testing.

The 3-Phase 360° Process

1) Select Your Health Audit

2) Select Your Training Options

3) Measure Your Results

2) Training and Nutrition Coaching (Execution of the Plan)

You’ll receive coaching on diet, an education on supplements meant for goal-achievement, and how your workout connects to your goals. For you, this is where the work begins.  It’s also where you’ll begin to experience the transformation for which you’re searching!

You’ll train–hard, and we’ll walk you through all of the important details to help you progress.  For example:  how you should eat, when you should eat, how to enhance the quality of your sleep, or basic lifestyle changes which are hindering your progress.

With a training plan in place, we move onto the next phase (Measurement) where we make sure your training is working.

3) Measurement

Measurements spark the creation of a new plan, adapted to your progress. This is a critical step in accessing your compliance as well as the effectiveness of the plan we created in the preceding month. The measurement process also gives us insight into how to adapt to your rapidly-changing body’s needs.

We repeat the “Execution” and “Measurement” phases to continually adjust as your body changes, adapting your program weekly, monthly, or every 45 days depending on progress.

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